〈ブラン〉は2012年にスタートした日本のアイウェアブランドです。プロダクトとしての美しさを追求するとともに、顔との相性だけではなく、全身とのバランスでスタイルを表現できるような「ファッションアイテムとし ての空気感」を大切にしています。

BLANC is a Japanese eyewear brand launched in 2012. Striving for the beauty of our products, we esteem not only their compatibility with face but also the sense of fashion. Our products are style statements that create a balanced look for your styling.



At BLANC, we believe that eyewear should be enjoyed daily, just like fashion items such as handbags and shoes. We do not limit ourselves to a particular image; instead, we create simple designs that suit all fashion styles and modes: classic, casual, feminine, and street. The playfully color contrast of left temple end forms BLANC’s signature.



The joyful, stress-free experience of wearing BLANC eyeglasses every day emanates from our insistence on the accuracy of each piece that forms the design. Every miniscule component of our eyewear is designed to complement the relationship between the bones of the face and the glasses. BLANC eyewear is manufactured in Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture, an area that is home to many skilled eyewear artisans. BLANC’s breezy fashion sensibilities bear testimony to the detailed, highly accurate work accomplished by Japanese craftspeople.

Toshiyuki Watanabe
BLANC Director/ Designer


Toshiyuki Watanabe launched BLANC in 2012, after having worked as a buyer for multi-brand stores that handle both Japanese and international designer brands. Based on his experience in fashion industry, Toshiyuki Watanabe started to design eyewear that combined practicality with style, bringing together a fashion sense cultivated over many years and the technical expertise of his home region, Fukui Prefecture.

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